FES Communications


Welcome to FES Communications; a leading supplier of certification services for telecom and radio products.

FES Communications provides a full range of consulting services including type approval for wireless and wired communications products.
FES Communications has been in the telecommunications consulting market for over 15 years. The staff has considerable experience in the field of approvals regulation, licensing and certification of equipment in Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. All of our experts have a telecommunications background and knowledge of the English language.

FES Communications offers the following services:

  • Telecom approvals (MINSVIAZ) in the form of Certificates or Declarations of Conformity;

  • Customs Union approval in the form of Certificates or Declarations of Conformity ;

  • GKRCH Import list;

  • FSB Notifications;

  • Import Licenses for radio and electronic devices (MINPROMTORG)


Our pro-active and comprehensive type approval solutions ensure excellent lead-times, cost efficiency and clear visibility throughout your project. We tailor our service to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that your goals are identified, understood and met.
Thank you for visiting our website; please browse through our pages for more information on the services we offer. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your certification needs, please contact us (info@fescom.ru).

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